Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Photojournalism is a kind of passion, which drives you to go where others run away from.

Photography itself is a kind of lesson, to learn to see something to frame it and to show others, what you saw. It is painting with light instead of colors.

Photographers try to learn a whole lifetime, how to concentrate emotions, action, hours and years within one frame. Concious photographers usually don't fear perfection, cause they never reach it.

2017-2018 Four solo exhibitions „roads of survival“ refugee crisis in Erlangen, Bamberg and Nuremberg

2016-2018 Participation (photos and organization) in an exhibition of the Greek Parliament on the refugee crisis. The group exhibition was presented at several locations, including the EU Parliament, the Hellenic Parliament and the Frankfurt Book Fair

Two participations in group exhibitions for visual artists in Greece in 2012 and 2013

2021 Erlangen solo exhibition at the "Long Night of Democracy"

2022 Chemnitz solo exhibition “Day of Peace”

2022 Erlangen - solo exhibition week against racism

2023 Chemnitz Photo Exhibition – solo Exhibition “Scenes of Survival”

2023 Exhibition and curation of the workshop for reportage and documentary photography at the International Art Academy Heimbach (Eifel)

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